Serve the community by helping them
  • feel better - mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • and find their purpose.
How do we do this?
Through connecting, supporting, and loving ourselves and each other.
The Energy Room will serve as a space to physically gather, to build relationships and bring a deeper sense of awareness into our lives.
Bringing awareness into our daily lives will connect us to our center and honor our intuition.
holding space
listening to body

What is healing? What is meditation? What is yoga? Who needs healing?

Other modalities

Is healing for somebody that’s going to a psychologist or that has had real trauma: “

As humans, we all experience the gamut of emotions and experiences. We all interpret them differently a trauma to somebody could not be one to another and the other way around. Anyhow negative emotions and the energy that is contained in them or that is them gets stored in the body.

These trapped emotions and energy are what caused disease being sick having headaches having anxiety having depression Dash say experiencing not hat you don’t have it.

Our natural state of being is Joy. With the gym with the demands on our physical body and our mental processing her capabilities we are so overworked and some may not even realize it or say that they even like it. We are here to be creative beings and to use our minds to solve problems and to connect to each other and to feel emotions and live by our heart not by our thinking. The brain can be a wonderful tool however it can really Get the best of you at times by spiraling out of control with overthinking. And that’s when anxiety and your heart rates affected your your breathing is affected your heart rate has affected your whole body is affected negatively. We have been put in a place where we aren’t easily able to access our inner joy and passions because we have too much work to do to pay the bills each month and do what we need to do for our families and our loved ones and ourselves. We are lucky if we have time to go to the gym and buy healthy food and do what we think is right for our bodies based on what is the norm or what we think we should do or what people are saying. It is time now to reconnect with our hearts and create the most important relationship in our lives with our body and our physical vehicle that is supporting our life. Dwaynewho needs healing? Everybody. This practice of healing is made for every single body. There is no right or wrong. You start where you are and you will make progress and you will feel the difference in your life and your body and your mind and in your heart. The energy room provides unconditional love and support for those who are ready to change their lives and take a step towards their dreams. We are here to be a resource enjoy. And guide for you to find your own path and purpose and passions in life. This is built to be a playground for us to explore and to Coke create and collaborate together. You will notice heavy energy leaving and you’ll feel lighter and happier after doing healing work.

What is meditation? Quieting the mind 

There are ours an hours of crying to do to release stuff from as far back as you can remember.

When there becomes nothing that you won’t look at with inside yourself, you expand your consciousness and able to embrace life in the world

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